Retirement Recess


When the bell rings, will you be ready?

Blending both traditional and modern retirement planning strategies, this book defines the unique challenges facing today’s retirement hopefuls, and it outlines action steps to successfully launch retirement dreams and keep them afloat on the sea of your longevity.

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This informative and easy-to-read book is chock-full of wonderful analogies, amusing quips and several exclusive homework exercises designed to help you answer the two most important questions when planning for a multi-decade period of financial independence:

  • What steps should I take now to reduce the potential risks of running out of money before running out of lifetime?
  • What am I going to be, do, and have during my retirement years once I no longer do that I used to do for a living?

“Most people typically focus only on saving and investing for retirement and have not created a personal-lifestyle plan to help define their new life purpose for a period of time that could last longer than all the years they worked. Without creating a postcareer design for living, the retiree may find boredom and depression can soon take over once the honeymoon period of the first few years of retirement has passed,” says Jim Collier, a retired Certified Financial Planner, and author. “Others know exactly how they wish to live their lives during their retirement years but have no written financial plan in place to confirm that their new standard of living will be fully funded for the entire period. That increases worry and the risk of an early spend down of assets.”

Retirement Is Recess for Grown-Ups masterfully combines the financial (science) and the lifestyle (art) planning segments of a comprehensive retirement financial plan into one “plain English” discussion appropriate for retirement hopefuls of any age. Important topics include how retirement has evolved over time, why traditional retirement income sources are becoming obsolete, the four main reasons people fail to achieve their retirement goals, how to define potential Retirement Income Security Killers (RISKs) and rid them from your financial life, how to discover your true purpose in seven areas of your retirement lifestyle, and how to objectively determine if you need to engage a professional financial planner, and if so, how to locate, vet, interview, and hire a person or firm that meets the ideals of a lifetime financial fiduciary.

Bonus: A sixty-plus-page companion workbook–The Retirement Homework Workbook–is available for free exclusively to buyers of this book.

Join me and the growing group of retirees who are replacing the mundane ticking of the traditional retirement symbol, a gold watch, with the joyful ringing of a bell–the recess bell. Its ring is your invitation to trade in the traditional status description of “I’m retired” and replace it with a new and enthusiastic declaration: “I’m not retired; I’m at recess.”

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