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Retirement is Recess for Grown-Ups– Extra Credit Assignments

Access a menu of additional educational topics assigned in Retirement is Recess for Grown-Ups. These extra credit assignments offer readers an opportunity to further their retirement-preparation education by studying a variety of topics not included in the book.

Retirement Income Security Killers (R.I.S.K.) Assessment

The RISK assessment offers participants the opportunity to assess actual or potential threats to retirement income security in seventeen financial, economic, and personal financial planning areas. This assessment is an excellent tool to identify potential high impact RISKs and ensure they are mitigated within a written retirement financial plan.

You Vision

A lifestyle planning exercise designed to help you discover your unique relevance in seven life facets of an active, multidecade retirement lifetime. Don’t leave work without this.

Hiring a Lifetime Financial Adviser

Evaluate an existing or prospective financial adviser using the Seven Cs—seven characteristics of an Ideal retirement planning fiduciary.